Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Brad Pitt Takes Drug Test Amid Child Abuse InvestigationCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Brad Pitt Takes Drug Test Amid Child Abuse Investigation

By Mallory McDonald

Brad Pitt’s celebrity divorce from Angelina Jolie continues to be all anyone can talk about! In the most recent celebrity news, Pitt has agreed to take a drug test amid his child abuse investigation. A legal source shared with, “The DCFS [Department of Community & Family Services] wouldn’t compel someone to provide the urine sample for the drug test; it would be voluntary.” The FBI is investigating Pitt on federal charges as he was caught on tape “looking drunk” and yelling at his wife and kids on a private plane. One thing is for sure, the drama is far from over with this divorce.

This celebrity divorce and abuse investigation is anything, but drama-free! What are some ways to determine if there are dangerous warning signs pertaining to your partner’s habits?

Cupid’s Advice: 

No one wants to look for the worst in their partner, but sometimes you are the only one who is able to see it. Use this relationship advice to help detect the warning signs:

1. Mood swings: If you begin to notice your partner having fluctuations in their mood, this can be a clear sign that something is going on in your partner’s life. Try talking to them about it and if they respond in a hostile way, it may be time to seek outside help.

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2. Verbal warnings: Verbal warning signs can be a clear indication that things are beginning to take a turn for the worst. If your significant other is speaking to you in a harsher and louder tone this could be a warning to you that things may turn physical and you need to take action.

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3. Behavior patterns: When you have been in a relationship with a person for a while, you pick up on their daily routines and patterns. If these steady routines begin to change, you may want to bring it up with your partner and learn what has been shifting.

Want signs do you notice when your partner isn’t acting right? Comment below!