Cupid's Pulse Article: Rumors Shot Down! Adriana Lima & Ryan Seacrest Are Not a Celebrity Couple After AllCupid's Pulse Article: Rumors Shot Down! Adriana Lima & Ryan Seacrest Are Not a Celebrity Couple After All

By Mallory McDonald

Recent celebrity news claimed that Adriana Lima and Ryan Seacrest were Hollywood’s newest celebrity couple, but sets the record straight. “They’re good friends,” a source said. “She’s still dating Julian Edelman.” Julian Edelman is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, and the two have been together for a few months. As for Seacrest and Lima, “They became friends and then they went out to dinner in NYC, but it’s not romantic.” It can be so easy to think relationships are forming when pictures surface and assumptions are made. This rumor has been debunked, and we are happy the two are at least good friends!

We’re sad to see this celebrity couple isn’t a reality! What are some ways to keep rumors from affecting the beginning stage of your new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

In this digital age, rumors emerge every day about new relationships. It can sometimes prevent what may have been a new relationship from forming. Cupid’s here with some dating tips in order to keep rumors from affecting your relationship:

1. Be honest: Be honest to the right people. If rumors come out that you are in a new relationship, just talk with that person, and come to an agreement on your title. Don’t let rumors define the stage your relationship is at.

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2. Set the record straight: If the rumors are really affecting your relationship and causing an unnecessary strain, set the record straight. If the other person is comfortable, inform people on where the relationship is now and where you see it going.

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3. Hang out: Instead of worrying about the rumors, enjoy your new relationship. Spend time together talking about anything other than the latest gossip about your new relationship. What is most important is that you and this person are both clear about where the relationship is and are both happy about it.

What do you do when rumors affect a new relationship? Comment below!