Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Rob Kardashian Worries Blac Chyna Will ‘Stop Being Attracted’ to HimCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Rob Kardashian Worries Blac Chyna Will ‘Stop Being Attracted’ to Him

By Mallory McDonald

Feeling confident about yourself can be a daily struggle. In recent celebrity news, Rob Kardashian is admitting that, just like many people, he has insecurities about his image that are affecting his celebrity relationship. According to UsMagazine.comChyna asked Kardashian in this Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, “What’s the real reason you didn’t come? Not the reason you’re going to tell me, but the real reason you didn’t come today. Is it because of the argument?” Rob did not show up for an event and Chyna questions whether he didn’t show due to a fight they had on the previous episode. Rob replies to Chyna, “It’s a combination of everything. I just didn’t want you to see me and give you more reason to stop being attracted to me or whatever, so I just didn’t want to go.” It seems like Rob is really struggling to feel confident in himself and does not want to burden his partner.

This celebrity news has us relating for sure. What are some ways to ease your insecurities about appearance with regard to your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Insecurities have a nasty way of creeping up in a relationship and causing tension and problems. We have some dating advice to help ease your insecurities around your partner:

1. Compliments: A lot of people have a misconception about when to compliment their partner. If you are complimenting your partner all the time about every little thing, the compliments will not feel real or genuine at a certain point. Really focus on telling them how great they look at the right times so it comes off as authentic.

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2. Communicate: Your partner cannot help with your insecurities or struggles if you don’t share with them how you are feeling. Admitting our insecurities, especially about our appearance, can be one of the hardest things, but being willing to open up to your partner will not only be a big step in the relationship, but they may help relieve those insecurities.

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3.  Rationalize: It is easy to be hard on ourselves, but try not to drag your significant other into that. Even though you may be feeling bad about your looks, don’t assume your partner feels the same way. They are with you for a reason, and unless they are giving you any reason to assume they are unhappy with your looks, realize that they think you are beautiful just the way you are.

How do you deal with your insecurities around your partner? Comment below!