Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Taylor Swift is Dealing with Celebrity Break-Up From Tom HiddlestonCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Taylor Swift is Dealing with Celebrity Break-Up From Tom Hiddleston

By Kayla Garritano

They are never, ever getting back together. After a three-month long relationship, celebrity couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston called it quits. In the latest celebrity news, Swift is coping with her celebrity break-up pretty well. According to EOnline.comshe has been out with her close girlfriends in New York City, doing her own thing. A source said, “She is doing OK. Tom and her at times were on two different pages.”

This celebrity break-up is pretty much old news at this point, but Taylor is still coping. What are some ways to deal with the immediate impacts of a break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breakups are always hard to deal with, and people have different rates of recovery. Cupid is here to help:

1. Grab your girls: Taylor Swift has been spending plenty of time with her gal pals shortly after the break-up. Friends are the best medicine to cheering you up when you need it most. They will take you out for the night, grab food, get their nails done with you, or pretty much anything to keep you busy and get the break-up off your mind.

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2. Hit the gym: When in doubt, sweat it out. Exercising helps you to work out all the negative energies in your mind and body. There’s something about working out that helps boost your mood. It’ll also give you the confidence you need to get back out there and explore the dating world when you’re ready!

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3. Keep positive: It’s alright to be sad after a break-up, but it’s obviously best to be as positive about it as you can. Break-ups happen for a reason, and you need to remember that everything will be okay in the end! The positive outlook will be sure to make you happier.

How have you immediately dealt with a break-up? Comment below!