Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Professional Aerialist & Celebrity Trainer Jill Franklin Talks About Aerial Physique, Fitness And Love AdviceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Professional Aerialist & Celebrity Trainer Jill Franklin Talks About Aerial Physique, Fitness And Love Advice

By Cortney Moore

When you hear the word “aerialist,” colorful imagery of gravity defying circus performances might come to mind. Not many can say they make a living soaring through the sky, but world-renowned aerialist and celebrity trainer Jill Franklin has found a way to make aerial her business. In our exclusive celebrity interview, Franklin opens up about her experience as an aerialist and founder of Aerial Physique, what it’s like training her clients, and fitness related relationship advice.

A World Famous Aerialist Offers Us Great Fitness & Relationship Advice In This Celebrity Interview

Franklin became enchanted with aerial at age 14 when she attended her first Cirque du Soleil show. As someone who was trained in dance, Franklin admired the graceful acrobatics these performers exhibited, but like most people she doubted she could be capable of such feats. Seven years later, Franklin found herself in New York City looking for work; until one day she saw an advertisement for a circus school and decided it would be a great opportunity to knock aerial off her bucket list. “I was convinced I wasn’t strong enough, I was totally afraid of the whole thing. I was afraid of heights,” Franklin admits, “my first class- I was totally awful. I couldn’t do anything they asked me to do!” However, Franklin did not allow herself to get discouraged and continued with her classes the same way she had when she studied dance. 

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Fast forward to 2016, and now Franklin has become the teacher rather than the student with her Los Angeles based aerial studios, Aerial Physique. “I just really love watching people’s progress as far as someone comes in and says they’re nervous about it, they’re not really sure if this is for them. And then in a few months just watching their bodies literally change,” she says in regards to what made her open up her own studio. Teaching everyday people how to do aerial is a rewarding experience for Franklin, especially since she was once apprehensive about doing the sport and doubted she’d get as good as she is today. For those who are interested in aerial, Franklin believes you should pursue your curiosity, “Everyone is totally afraid and thinks they’re too old to try it now, and all these things, these excuses go through your heard. Which is normal, but you just got to do it and it gets much better.” Not only has Franklin’s reputation as a talented aerialist made celebrity news on more than one occasion, but it has also attracted very famous clientele. Some celebrities that Franklin has had the opportunity to train include Revenge star Christa B. Allen, one of Chris Rock’s daughters and many more.

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In terms of fitness and relationship advice, Franklin was able to provide an abundance of insight from her relationship with her husband. “My husband and I, on the very first date we went on, he took me on a picnic and I asked him what I can bring. And I was like thinking, ‘Okay should I bring something to eat? Should I bring like cookies? Like what do I bring?’ He said bring three things, ‘authenticity, fearlessness and a smile.’ That’s kind of been our ongoing things that we live by.” Four months after their first date, Franklin and her husband were married! As a couple, fitness is an important factor of their lives- this is especially apparent since they met each other at the gym. “It’s a great place to find a date. It’s definitely better than a bar, that’s for sure,” Franklin says in regards to where women can find a quality date, “you know that person is taking care of themselves, and caring for their health and bodies. So I think it’s a great place to find a date for sure.” When asked if aerial classes were a good option for couples to try together, Franklin says it’s worth giving a shot, even if you’re starting a new relationship. “It’s a fun way to break the ice for sure because you’re stretching, you’re doing things that are new, so both people feel a little uncomfortable but also get to learn about each other.” And she would know since she invited her husband to an aerial class back when she first met him. “We ended up spending that whole night chatting. I think he thought it was really cool and was intrigued by it because it was unique from what other people do.” Franklin went on to joke that if you want to get a husband quick, do aerial.

Not bad for a someone who was once afraid of heights! You can schedule a class with Franklin if you’re in the Los Angeles area, or watch her performances and instructional videos on her Youtube channel, Aerial Physique. And keep an eye out for her beginner and intermediate aerial guides and coloring books that are available on Amazon!

For more information on Jill and Aerial Physique, you can visit her website!