Cupid's Pulse Article: Get Fit In Time For Date Night With A Twerk-OutCupid's Pulse Article: Get Fit In Time For Date Night With A Twerk-Out

By Cortney Moore

Move over Zumba because a new exercise dance craze is taking over the nation! Make way for twerking yourself into a slimmer shape! Yes, twerking, or as some like to put it, a “twerk-out.” It’s not just for celebrities like Miley Cyrus. These instructional dance classes are popping up in gyms and dance studios across the country. It’s where fitness meets the club, combining dancehall choreography, cardio and aerobics to help exercisers break a sweat. Not convinced to give it a try? Well a single 60-minute class can help you burn up to 1,000 calories! Getting fit for date night couldn’t be any easier, not to mention you’ll learn dance moves your partner will surely appreciate. Get in touch with your seductive side and learn how to twerk like a professional!

Learn How To Twerk Like A Pro Before Your Next Date Night

LexTwerkOut: Lexy Pantera’s revolutionary twerk out program has made celebrity news with her famous clientele. which include Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran and Tameka Harris. Based in Los Angeles, dance enthusiasts are able to take classes or host twerk parties with their closest friends. Even if you can’t make your way to her studio, you can still get a good work out through her LexTwerkOut app and Youtube channel.

Vixen Workout: With multiple locations throughout New York and Florida, Vixen Workout is an intense hip hop cardio dance program. Started by a former Heat cheerleader, this workout routine will get you in touch with your inner vixen by teaching you how shake what you’ve got. There are Vixen instructors in other states, so if New York and Florida are too far for you to travel for lessons, you can find someone else to teach you the great moves.

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305 Fitness: Named after Miami’s area code, 305 Fitness is one the hottest dance cardio studios to hit the east coast. With locations in New York, Boston and Washington D.C., twerk lovers can get a full body workout doing non-stop cardio and high interval training. Each class has a live DJ playing music so your workout routine won’t even feel like a workout. Featured in a number of publications for their great studio, 305 Fitness promises to get you moving.

Boss Chick Dance Workout: Just like the name says, this revolutionary dance program will show you how to dance like a boss. This dance program teaches a high intensity hip hop, dancehall, afrobeat fusion twerk-out. Get yourself closer to that “bangin’ new body” you’ve always wanted. With Boss Chick dance studios in 6 states and abroad, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take lessons or host your own twerk party.

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StripXpertease: Is a female driven business that aims to teach women to get in touch with their “sexier, sultrier, more confident” self. At StripXpertease, you’ll learn how to do pole work, lap dances, twerk and much more. Couple activities are encouraged so it might be a great option for a date night! Visit their studios in New York and Los Angeles so you can unleash your sexy and toned self.

Twerk Out Fitness: If you’re on the shy side and don’t wish to pay the expense for private lessons, then twerking in the comforts of your own home might be the best option. Twerk Out Fitness offers instructional DVDs and downloadable content that will show you how to move. Once you’ve boosted your confidence, you can contact the instructors at Twerk Out fitness to schedule in-person lessons or parties. You’ll learn from the best here since many of their instructors are from Atlanta, where twerking originated.

Have you heard of a “twerk-out” before? Would you sign up for a class? Share your thoughts in the comments below!