Cupid's Pulse Article: Demi Lovato Reunites with Ex-Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama Post-RehabCupid's Pulse Article: Demi Lovato Reunites with Ex-Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama Post-Rehab

Following her release from rehab, Demi Lovato has relapsed on an old relationship. The 18-year-old Disney star was caught with her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, according to The couple has supposedly been dating since Lovato’s split from Joe Jonas.  Lovato checked into rehab back in November after pulling out of the Camp Rock 2 Tour with the Jonas Brothers to “seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues.”  Reports say she has had past issues with weight management and self-mutilation.

Should you get back together with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Most of the time, it’s a bad idea to get back together with your ex.  After all, you broke up for a reason and chances are that those things will end resurfacing in time. Cupid has a few things to consider:

1. Look for the spark: When getting back together with an ex, it’s common for things to quickly return to how they were after the “honeymoon period.”  If you want things to be different, then the spark should carry past the good times. It should be there even on bad days.

2. A new beginning: This is a fresh start, so try to learn from past mistakes.

3. Be cautious: If things are going back to how they used to be, don’t be afraid to call your lover out on it. The key is communication, so say something if you’re not happy.