Cupid's Pulse Article: Enjoy a Weekend Romantic Getaway at The American HotelCupid's Pulse Article: Enjoy a Weekend Romantic Getaway at The American Hotel

By Josh Ringler

Just because the Olympics are over doesn’t mean you have to lose your American pride! A great way to add to that pride, and to add some romance to your love life, is a romantic getaway to The American Hotel in the Hamptons! The Hamptons are a known celebrity hotspot, full of celebrity couples and single celebrities! Bernie, from Weekend at Bernie’s, may not be there, but Matt Lauer, Kelly Ripa, Billy Joel, Lorne Michaels and more live right nearby this great retreat!

Enjoy a romantic getaway full of fun date ideas in the Hamptons at The American Hotel!

Located on the upscale East-End, this hotel is truly a gem of history. Built in the 1700’s, it is a one-of-a-kind place. During the Revolutionary War, the James Howell Inn, as it was known back then, was the stomping grounds for the British Army. However, the building that stood there originally is said to have burned down in a fire, and it was rebuilt in 1845. At that point, it was renamed The American Hotel or ‘House’ as it was sometimes referred to during the Whaling Era that swept through New England and the rest of the United States.

While the building may be historic, it does not rely on history to make a name for itself. With rave reviews from the likes of the New York Times, the hotel is definitely worth it. The barroom has 30,000 wine bottles in the cella, and was awarded the Grand Award by Wine Spectator. That award has only been handed out 87 times, worldwide!

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Along with an award-winning selection of wines, the hotel has a famous restaurant of its own that serves, lunch, dinner, and desserts! The menu is full of delicious options, and you should definitely try it on your romantic getaway! The Hamptons offer so many food options that you should look around at other options in the area as well for a romantic dinner out on the town!

The hotel only has eight rooms, so you need to book in advance! According to the hotel’s website, each one has a different character to it, as well as a unique charm! There is often a waiting list, too, so this hotel is really in demand! Be prepared to have multiple dates available.

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The Hamptons offer great date ideas, like cruising on a yacht, fishing, romantic walks, and of course, the beach! There are plenty of options for you and your loved ones! Spotting a celebrity couple on a celebrity vacation is highly likely, too. If you are looking for a romantically historic place, in a great area with a lot to do, The American Hotel should be on your short-list of places to visit for your next romantic getaway!

Have you been to the Hamptons or The American Hotel? Have a date night suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!