Cupid's Pulse Article: Mary-Kate Olsen Starts Dating a Shoe DesignerCupid's Pulse Article: Mary-Kate Olsen Starts Dating a Shoe Designer

Mary-Kate Olsen is in a new relationship with shoe designer Seth Campbell, according to The two have been spotted at multiple New York City hotspots including celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday together at NYC’s Lavo.  “They’ve been able to have a few dates on the down low. He’s a downtown kind of guy, likes to party every now and then,” said a source close to the couple.

How soon should you debut your relationship to your friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s possible to introduce someone you just started seeing to your friends too quickly. Here are some points in a relationship when you should consider having your partner meet your friends.

1. When you’re exclusive: Once you’re completely committed to one another, it’s time for your partner to meet your friends if they haven’t already.

2. When you’re on a group vacation: Going away together, even in a group, is a big commitment. Take the time to introduce yourselves as a couple to your friends while soaking up some rays.

3. Once you start seeing each other regularly: If the person you are seeing becomes your guaranteed Friday and Saturday night date, it’s probably time to introduce him or her to your friends so they don’t start feeling neglected.