Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Orlando Bloom Wants Celebrity Babies with Katy PerryCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Orlando Bloom Wants Celebrity Babies with Katy Perry

By Stephanie Sacco

This celebrity couple is getting pretty serious or so we think. In celebrity news, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have been linked since January, but only recently did the idea of a future between them come about. According to, a source says of Bloom, “He would love to settle down with Katy and have more kids. He hasn’t been this serious about a girl since Miranda.” Sounds pretty serious. Are celebrity babies in their future? A friend of Perry’s says, “She’s not going to rashly make a huge commitment like marriage again unless she thinks it’s absolutely right.” Let’s hope this celebrity couple is here to stay.

These celebrity babies will no doubt be talented, whether they sing or act! What are some ways to get your kids interested in your own hobbies?

Cupid’s Advice:

Teaching your child to enjoy the same things you and your partner do can be a great way to bond with your child. It’s sometimes challenging to engage your child. Cupid is here to help:

1. Play with them: Whether it’s music or acting that you’re interested in, play it in a casual environment. Kids love to play school and play store so whatever it is you’re into, play it with them. Allow them to play an instrument or play with dolls. Incorporate your interests into their games.

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2. Show them: If you take them to your concerts or gigs, they might get an appreciation for it too. Not everybody is an entertainer, so take them to your intramural softball games or just introduce them to your favorite entertainers. Concerts and movies that you love can be stuff that the two of you love together especially as your child gets older.

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3. Don’t force them: Your opinions matter, but so does your child’s. Don’t force them to enjoy the same hobbies that you do, but allow them to make their own decisions. Maybe even see what their hobbies are and enjoy those with your child. They might not want to knit with you, but you can hang out with them. Start a hobby together like a book club or a movie day.

How do you keep your child engaged with your hobbies? Comment below!