Cupid's Pulse Article: Joe Jonas Gives Golden Birthday Gift to Ashley GreeneCupid's Pulse Article: Joe Jonas Gives Golden Birthday Gift to Ashley Greene

Twilight star Ashley Greene had much to celebrate this past weekend.  The actress rang in her 24th year by celebrating in Sin City with rockstar boyfriend, Joe Jonas, People reports.  Jonas gifted Greene with a Chanel bracelet, accidently crediting the jewelry as a token from Coach.  Greene adores her new jewelry. “Coach, Chanel, [it] makes no difference to him … [But] I absolutely love it because he knows what I like,” said Greene.  But besides birthday jewels, Greene credits her favorite gift as, “having my best friends fly in to celebrate with me.”

What are some ways to decide what gift to give your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

It takes real talent, time and thought to pick out the perfect present for the one you love. Cupid has some tips:

1. Stop, look and listen: Slow down and make a mental note when your partner makes a passing comment about something that catches his or her interest.  If it’s something your mate keeps mentioning, but won’t go out of his or her way to buy, consider it gift appropriate.

2. Make a connection: If you and your significant other are just starting out and you’re having a hard time with gift ideas, try to find something that unites you as a couple.  Is there an inside joke you both share or an uncommon interest that bonds you?  The thoughtful trinket will show you care.

3. Make him or her feel young again: To ease the harshness of aging, turn back the clock with a toy from his childhood.  Is it a summer birthday?  A pair of water guns should bring a smile to his face.