Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Christie Brinkley Slams Rumors Saying She Split from John Mellencamp Due to PoliticsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Christie Brinkley Slams Rumors Saying She Split from John Mellencamp Due to Politics

By Stephanie Sacco

The rumor mill is at it again for another celebrity couple. The celebrity news surrounding this pair reportedly was that Christie Brinkley split with John Mellencamp due to his “hellbent political opinions and redneck ways.” Brinkley slammed the rumors involving her ex saying, “John and I are actually both patriotic Americans who do our fair share of working to bring Americans together.” According to, she admitted the real reason for their break-up. She said, “As to the problem John and I faced, it’s just mileage.” Their long distance relationship turned this pair into celebrity exes.

This celebrity news has us wondering about the truth. What are some ways to keep politics from affecting your relationship negatively?

Cupid’s Advice:

Politics have ruined a fair amount of romantic relationships and friendships alike. Different opinions are always causing splits in conversations, let alone relationships, and can lead to arguments. Cupid is here to help with some dating advice:

1. Share opinions: Even if the opinions you share are contradicting, it can bring you and your partner closer together. Being aware of your differences without letting them affect your relationship is a mature way of coping. Keep it professional when it comes to politics and no fighting at the dinner table.

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2. Keep opinions to yourself: Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut when your opinions vary. When one of you is rooting for one side and the other is on the opposing it can lead to some pretty uncomfortable moments. Decide it’s best not to discuss your thoughts when it comes to politics to avoid confrontation.

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3. Understand each other’s opinions: You don’t have to agree with your partner, but don’t let it affect your romantic life. Decide if you want to talk about politics or not, but be aware of their side. See it there way and maybe you can reach a compromise. Perhaps you have some of the same opinions, you never know.

How do you keep politics out of your love life? Comment below!