Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Find Out How Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Preparing for TrialCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Find Out How Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Preparing for Trial

By Mallory McDonald

What was once a strong Hollywood celebrity couple has turned into a nightmare in a very public celebrity divorce. With accusations from Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s soon to be ex wife, of spousal abuse, the divorce is headed to the court room. The two must prepare for a brutal trial, with strong testimonies from both sides. According to EOnline.comdocuments claim Heard’s close friends, Raquel Pennington and her boyfriend Joshua Drew “will testify to personal observations relating to incidents of domestic violence by [Johnny] including, but not limited to, the domestic violence incident which occurred on May 21, 2016.” Despite the constant drama that has surround these celebrity exes, both Depp and Heard seem ready for it all to be over. A source said, “Amber is ready to move forward and wants people to know the truth.” Another source, said to be close to Heard, told E!, “Johnny doesn’t want the divorce dragged out longer than it has to be. In addition, he wants things finalized as quickly as possible.” It looks like these two are ready to put the drama to bed, and begin with a fresh start.

This celebrity news has drama written all over it. What are some ways to keep divorce drama to a minimum?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Taking a divorce to trial spells nothing but drama. Cupid has some tips to try and avoid this for yourself:

1. Communicate: Communication is key, not just in a relationship, but in its end. Finding a way to talk to your your ex after the relationship is more challenging then during. But, if you can find a way to talk to them about what you need from the split and what they are looking for it can alleviate a lot of the drama.

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2. Remember the good: There was a point in your life where you thought this person was your soulmate. Try to remember the qualities in that person that lead you to feel this way. This can make you feel less angst towards the person and reduce the drama.

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3. See both sides: It is hard to remember there are two sides of a divorce. It can be easy to just see your side, because of the hurt the divorce has caused you. But if you can remember the other person involved is probably feeling the same way as you, it becomes easier to put yourself in their shoes and come to an understanding.

What were the ways you tried to keep the peace during your divorce? Comment below.