Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Talks Upcoming Season, New Memoir & His Love LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Talks Upcoming Season, New Memoir & His Love Life

By Cortney Moore

Unlike most young adults trying to find themselves in life, 20-year-old Tyler Henry has made an impressive name for himself in the reality TV scene with his clairvoyant abilities. As the star of the hit show Hollywood Medium, Henry helps his celebrity clientele reconnect with lost loved ones. The small town California native captivated audiences with his detailed readings and secured a second season on E! which premieres tonight, August 10. Aside from having an active medium practice, this reality TV star has also written his own memoir. Learn more about the upcoming season, his new book, and his love life in this exclusive celebrity interview.

Hollywood Medium Star Opens Up About His Talents, Dating Life & Second Season In Exclusive Celebrity Interview

As to be expected, this young medium’s life changed drastically after filming the first season of his show. One aspect Henry is still trying to get used to after his television debut is being recognized by fans in his coming and goings. “Getting stopped on the street by people who’ve been personally affected by the show has been one of my favorite experiences,” the reality TV star shares in our celebrity interview, “I love getting to meet fans of the show and hear their stories – everyone has one.” And speaking of stories, there’s many to tell in this upcoming season of Hollywood Medium. “There are so many moments that are deeply profound, some of my favorites being with people who may have started off as skeptics,” Henry reveals. He especially enjoyed conducting a reading for singer and songwriter Moby, who Henry assures received touching results. Other celebrities to keep an eye out for in season 2 include Melissa Joan Hart and Kris Jenner, both of whom left the medium starstruck. The young psychic revealed that he’d like to read Lana Del Rey and Cher because “both are amazing performers with intriguing stories.”

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In addition to being a medium to the stars, Henry finds time to do readings for non-celebrity clients as well. “The show only represents a small demographic of my overall clientele,” he says, “I still read the public and people who need it. It’s essential for me to have a balance during filming as readings can become physically and mentally draining.” And despite having a busy schedule, this talented clairvoyant has written his first book, titled Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side that will be released in November. The book is a memoir of Henry’s journey to becoming a medium, discussing life events that profoundly affected his upbringing, such as the passing of a childhood friend. “I think people will be surprised to see that many of the stereotypes people associate with don’t apply to my situation,” the psychic says. “In telling my story, I kind of demystify more of the outlandish ideas that people often assume mediums believe. It isn’t like The Sixth Sense, and healthy skepticism is something I embrace.” Henry hopes that readers will find resonance in his experiences and learn that we’re all interconnected. The book will also go in-depth about the lessons people on the other side can offer to the world of the living. In five years, Henry hopes to still be working on Hollywood Medium, conducting readings cross-country and setting up a charity for young people who’ve experienced loss.

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Thanks to his clairvoyant abilities, Henry’s been lucky enough to avoid nightmare date nights. Though there have been times he’s felt “more connected to a date’s deceased grandmother,” but he typically goes with the flow during these situations. The 20-year-olds career as a medium has helped keep his life free from relationship problems. “When I’m dating someone, I often find I know whether we’ll be going on a second date before the first one even really begins.” But he also says that he isn’t opposed to having his mind changed. His abilities just simply provide intuition about people’s intentions or motivations. However, this rarely happens since many with ulterior motives “run for the hills” anyway when they discover his abilities.

Tune in for the new season of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on E! on Wednesdays at 10/9c. Catch the premiere on August 10! You can keep up with Tyler on Twitter @tyhenrymedium