Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Glee’ Star Dianna Agron Splits From Alex PettyferCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Glee’ Star Dianna Agron Splits From Alex Pettyfer

Dianna Agron is now single following her recent break-up with Alex Pettyfer, according to The duo’s split became official following Agron moving out of their shared home last week. The couple, who were set up by director D.J. Caruso while filming the movie I am Number Four, recently avoided speculations about an engagement being in the near future. They only dated for less than a year.

Who should move out of your shared home after a split?

Cupid’s advice:

Moving in with your mate is a tough decision in and of itself. The question of who gets what is something you should unfortunately keep in the back of your mind when deciding to move in, just in case things go south. Cupid has a few things to consider when figuring out who moves out and who keeps the castle:

1. Financial stability: Whoever has a better chance of paying the rent or mortgage by themselves should have the place, plain and simple.

2. Friends or family are a plus: If you have friends or family to lean on until you get back up on your feet, then consider moving out. Having the extra support makes things easier.

3. Have a heart: Even if things are really awkward, do your best to continue living with your partner until one of you finds a new place to stay. Kicking someone out should be reserved for the most drastic cases.