Cupid's Pulse Article: Iggy Azalea Clarifies Celebrity Relationship with French MontanaCupid's Pulse Article: Iggy Azalea Clarifies Celebrity Relationship with French Montana

By Nicole Caico

Nothing to see here! After leaving together from Jennifer Lopez’s All I Have show at Caesar’s Palace, Iggy Azalea and French Montana were rumored to be headed for a celebrity relationship. According to, Azalea silenced dating rumors after the 2016 Maxim Hot 100 party saying, “No, we’re [just] collaborating.” So it looks like the rappers are not a celebrity couple after all.

Apparently there’s no celebrity relationship to be found here. What do you do in the face of relationship rumors involving yourself?

Cupid’s Advice:

Rumors spread fast, and it when a relationship rumor involves you,  only you can shut it down. Here’s how to end the rumors before things go too far:

1. Ally: A relationship rumor has to involve you and at least one other person. The first step to successfully shutting down a relationship rumor without hurting feelings is to contact all parties involved and get on the same page. If each person involved is disseminating the message that there is no real relationship, the rumor should die out rather quickly.

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2. Use your resources: Giving your most talkative friend all the correct information can almost guarantee that the rumor will get shut down. When people want the gossip, they won’t come to you directly; they’ll probably chat up your closest friend. Feed your friend the right lines and that information is what people will run with.

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3. Distract from the gossip: If all people are concerned with is your rumored relationship, give them something else to talk about. Make posts on your social media accounts that are about other bigger and better things you’ve got going on. Hopefully people will start talking about your new job or most recent vacation instead of the supposed relationship drama.

How did you react to relationship rumors you were involved in? Comment Below!