Cupid's Pulse Article: Most Dateable & Un-Dateable Hollywood CelebritiesCupid's Pulse Article: Most Dateable & Un-Dateable Hollywood Celebrities

By Katie Gray

Some of our favorite celebrity couples have their celebrity relationship out in the open, while others keep them more private. There are many celebrities who keep their personal lives private when it comes to dating, but often they will discuss their dating status, their interest or lack thereof in marriage, celebrity weddings or celebrity engagements. Whether they are ready for a committed relationship or are content being an eligible bachelor(ette), all that matters is if they’re happy!

Cupid has listed the most dateable and un-dateable Hollywood celebrities right now:


1. Margot Robbie: What’s not to love about this attractive Aussie actress? Margot Robbie is best known for her breakout role in The Wolf of Wall Street, where she played ‘The Duchess of Bay Ridge,’ opposite Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. She has stated that she is looking for a “rugged boyfriend.” She definitely will find what she’s looking for!

2. Rachel McAdams: This actress has been stealing the show with her hit films like The Notebook, Mean Girls, Midnight in Paris and Sherlock Holmes. She’s had a few publicized celebrity relationships like with Ryan Gosling, who she co-starred alongside in the classic love story The Notebook. She’s the type of girl you can take home to meet your family, is hard-working and balances her media and private lives perfectly.

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3. Chace Crawford: This hunk is best known for his role as Nate Archibald on the hit series Gossip Girl. He hasn’t been in a publicized or confirmed relationship in quite some time. Many sources feel as though he’s ready to date!

4. Ariana Grande: She’s so into you! Pop princess, Ariana Grande, may sing about how she has one less problem without you. However; after a couple of celebrity relationships she is single now and ready to start something new. After all; she is a ‘Dangerous Woman!’ We can’t wait to hear new songs from this songstress as her dating life evolves!

5. Jake Gyllenhaal: This cute actor is always seen on the streets of New York City and has made countless amazing films. It’s definitely in the family, as his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal is also a popular actress. Nobody has heard of him really officially dating since his romance with Taylor Swift back in 2011. We’re sure he would be a great date!


1. Diane Keaton: This famous actress is an icon. Although she has been in some celebrity relationships, she has stated that dating is probably out of the picture right now. She has also said that she believes the old maid is a myth, and she’s happy even without marriage. It’s true that you make your own happiness and have to choose what is best for you!

2. Mindy Kaling: This comedian has been keeping us all entertained with her show The Mindy Project. In addition, her books are hilarious, too. She is busy with her career and has stated publicly that she doesn’t have time to date. In fact, she jokes about her love life. A good sense of humor is key!

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3. Hugh Grant: Notable actor Hugh Grant is no stranger when it comes to celebrity relationships. One of his most famous was with fellow Brit, Elizabeth Hurley. Although their love story ended, he’s the Godfather to her son. In addition, he’s a father, but isn’t looking to marry right now. He starred in the movie Nine Months back in the 90’s, and his character didn’t want marriage and children either until his views changed toward the end of the movie. Maybe this will happen to the actor, too! Life imitates art.

4. Kourtney Kardashian: Member of the Kardashian Klan, Kourtney Kardashian, is a proud mother. However; she chose to never marry her longtime partner Scott Disick, the father of her children. She is like many women who choose to focus on family and not so much marriage. It’s not that she doesn’t like it, she just prefers to not put a title on anything right now.

5. Chelsea Handler: Comedian Chelsea Handler is not married, and she’s happy about that. She once stated that when she was a little kid, her dad told her that she was not the “marrying kind” and she says she thought it was a “huge compliment.”

Who are your favorite dateable and un-dateable celebrities? Comment below!