Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Listen To Your Baby’s Heartbeat On Repeat With “My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear”Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Listen To Your Baby’s Heartbeat On Repeat With “My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear”

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By Nicole Caico

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound is one of the most precious sounds in the world. Most expectant moms would listen to their baby’s heartbeat over and over again if it were possible. Well, now it is! Former Bachelorette star turned celebrity mom, Ali Fedotowsky gave us the celebrity news about a product called My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear on her blog

Listen To Your Baby’s Heartbeat Forever With ‘My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear’

The former reality TV star is in her last month of pregnancy and mentioned the “My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear” as a must-have item for her nursery. Here’s how it works. Expectant moms can choose a Heartbeat Buddy in the shape of a giraffe, teddy bear, hippo, elephant, monkey, lamb and much more. With all of the options offered, there is a Heartbeat Buddy to match every nursery. You can even coordinate the color of the stuffed animal for gender reveals.

Each stuffed animal comes with a heart shaped recorder that can be taken to an ultrasound appointment in order to record the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. Once the sound is captured, the recorder is placed inside the stuffed animal, which is then tied and velcroed shut. From that point on, anytime Mom wants to hear the sound of her baby’s heartbeat, she can squeeze her Heartbeat Buddy and feel the excitement all over again, and again, and again.

If you’re expecting, now is the time to look into buying “My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear”.

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