Cupid's Pulse Article: Ryan Phillippe Ditches Amanda Seyfried to Hit On RihannaCupid's Pulse Article: Ryan Phillippe Ditches Amanda Seyfried to Hit On Rihanna

While most thought Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried were destined to become serious, it turns out it was just a fling.  A friend told that the duo are just friends who are going on dates sometimes.  “At one point, there was a chance it would develop into something more serious, but it never did.  There’s no commitment,” Phillippe’s friend said.  Aside from this, Phillippe was caught hitting on Rihanna Saturday; she kindly turned him down, a witness reports.  The actor seemed undisturbed, leaving a house party later that night with a brunette.

Does dating around make you a player?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s a fine line between dating around and being a player.  Cupid has a few ways to tell the difference:

1. Strength in numbers isn’t always a good thing: When trying to identify a player, think of Barney Stinson from the show “How I Met Your Mother.” Stinson is the textbook definition of a player due to the number of partners he attempts to hook up with on a regular basis.

2. Being single means taking time for you: It’s okay from time to time to flirt and meet a few attractive members of the opposite sex, but trying too hard all the time makes you a player. Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you always have to look for a new partner. Let it happen naturally.

3. Trust your gut: If you’re picking up signals that indicate he/she is leading you on, then trust yourself and ditch them. The best way to stop a player is by simply avoiding them.