Cupid's Pulse Article: The Runaway Bride’s New ManCupid's Pulse Article: The Runaway Bride’s New Man

Jennifer Wilbanks, nicknamed the Runaway Bride after she made headlines in 2005 by faking a kidnapping to get out of marrying her fiancé, has a new man, the New York Post reported Monday.  Will her new beau, Greg Hutson, have the pleasure taking her her hand in marriage?

How can you be sure of your feelings toward your mate?

Cupid’s Advice:

Emotion can be a challenging hurdle when dealing with upcoming nuptials or even moving in together, but if you take the time to sort things out step by step, you’ll have a higher chance of success.  Take a look at Cupid’s advice on ways to assist you with your next big decision:

1. Fear: There’s always a moment of absolute terror when you are about to make a life altering leap.  If you’re unsure of your feelings, take a step back and evaluate the situation before committing to someone else.  Tip: If a wedding is looming, don’t wait until the big day to postpone!

2. Counseling: If you have nagging doubts or insecurities about a relationship that just won’t fade, there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional to spot nervous jitters versus an actual problem that needs to be addressed.

3. Turn to your partner: If you’re thinking of stepping up your partnership, make sure you discuss any unresolved issues beforehand.