Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Unique Ways to Find Summer LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Unique Ways to Find Summer Love

By Josh Ringler

Remember Sandy and Danny from Grease? They had such a unique love experience and were lucky to find each other. That would have never happened had it not have been for the summer. The hot months of July and August offer plenty of time and opportunities to find love in a unique way on a series of date nights. From celebrity couple who find love on the set of a movie to the couples who fall in love under the blue sky at the beach, the summer offers plenty of unique ways to find your next perfect match! Take this pieces of dating advice to find your next summer love.

These pieces of dating advice will help you find your next love this summer!

1. Vacations: If you and your friends or your family are going on a vacation, you may also be taking a trip to Love City! Your future partner could be waiting for you in paradise, and that could make the vacation even better! You can definitely find someone looking for love just like you. A great piece of dating advice is to not be afraid to go for the long distance relationship if you really feel the love there; it could be worth it!

2. By the water: Water parks and beaches offer great places to hang out with friends or by yourself, and they also offer a great place to strike up a conversation with a future love interest. You can find someone who likes to take long walks on the beach, or join in on a game of ultimate frisbee! Find a future lover, and join him or her on the slides, or sit and chat on the lazy river together. Being by the water offers so many options for love!

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3. Online dating: A lot of people are looking for love, and online dating is one of the best avenues to explore. With many online dating sites, try one that singles out something important to you, like your religion. There is no reason you can’t put a profile out there, showing your best qualities and interests. The right partner for you is probably looking for someone just like you, and the match the two of you make with surely add some heat to the summer!

4. Work: Who says work has to be all fun and no play? If you have a summer job in between school years, or have had a crush at someone at work for awhile, the summer is the perfect time to act upon these crushes. Offer a date night suggestion or ask to hang out after work one day. Maybe a lunch date could turn your friendship into something more romantic! There’s nothing in your way. Don’t be afraid to go for it, especially if you’re in a temporary summer job; you’ll have nothing to lose, and only love to gain.

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5. Friend of a friend: Many friends of your friends will be taking vacation time over the summer to visit, and that offers a perfect opportunity to find new love! With your friend as a mutual connection, the two of you will have plenty to talk about. There could be really great potential for a great love story, and you’ll already have your friend built into your wedding plans! Just make sure they aren’t into each other before you go for it.

Have you found love this summer in a unique way? Let us know how in the comments below!