Cupid's Pulse Article: Enjoy a Date Night High in New York’s Skyline at La BirreriaCupid's Pulse Article: Enjoy a Date Night High in New York’s Skyline at La Birreria

By Josh Ringler

While New York City is full of romantic date ideas and famous restaurants, there are just some that stand out above the rest, pun intended. La Birreria, the rooftop restaurant of Eataly, is a perfect location for a date night. High above 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, this eatery is located in a hotspot for celebrity couples.

La Birreria is a delicious restaurant that is perfect for a date night!

New York City offers so many seasonal options, like ice skating in the winter and scenic walks in the summer. It is no wonder then that the owners behind La Birreria make the restaurant change with the seasons as well. This summer, the theme is Sabbia, which in English means ‘sand.’ Featuring ‘cabana’ seating, this pop-up restaurant will not disappoint.

To top off the brand new scenery, the menu changes alongside the seasons as well. Brand new drinks and meals accompany the changing seasons, and this summer is no exception. The Italian food dishes will surely make your mouth water for more.

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Pastas, antipasti, oysters, and much more brace their menu. The menu is full of Italian favorites with delicious taste that are sure to make you and your date happy. To top off your date night, the dessert menu includes cannolis, coffee, and tiramisu.

Perhaps one of the best parts of this restaurant is the fact that it is a microbrewery as well. The adult beverage offerings include wine, cocktails, and beer. The two-page menu is full of flavors and options for everyone. You may want to have Uber up on your phone and ready to go!

Sabbia, which is in La Birreria, is seasonal only so you want to check it out soon. But, do not fear!  La Birreria remains open year round, using retractable roofs to protect you from spring showers and heaters to keep you warm in the winter.

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The view at La Birreria doesn’t change from season to season. Offering beautiful views of the New York skyline, the restaurant’s ‘natural’ artwork is nearly unrivaled, especially for such an affordable price. Cupid definitely recommends making a reservation for this date night!

After your first or second trip to Birreria, it would not be a surprise that you’ll become a seasonal guest. Every season, the theme of the restaurant changes, and who knows what the fall will bring! Perhaps the best feature of this restaurant is the imported culture directly from Italy. Each season will feature distinctly different menus that will have you coming back at least four times a year!

Have you visited La Birreria? What was your favorite seasonal theme and dish? Let us know in the comments below!