Cupid's Pulse Article: Vandal: One of NYC’s Coolest Famous RestaurantsCupid's Pulse Article: Vandal: One of NYC’s Coolest Famous Restaurants

By Josh Ringler

If you’ve been looking for new and exciting places to eat in New York City, and you’ve been looking for something a little different than most of the restaurants the Big Apple has to offer, Cupid has a suggestion for you! Vandal, in the heart of Lower Manhattan, could be the location for your next special date night. Plus, you can keep your eyes peeled for celebrity couples!

Vandal, one of NYC’s many famous restaurants, is an amazing restaurant with great decor and food.

New York City is full of date ideas, from Central Park to the Highline, Broadway to Wall Street, and so many others. Before we get into the food that makes Vandal one of the city’s tastiest famous restaurants, let’s start with the name, an artistic creation on its own.

Vandal comes from the “vandals” that created art, both inside and outside the restaurant. These are internationally acclaimed vandals, including Icy Grape, Hush, and Apex. The art they created was made specifically for Vandal, and it is amazing. The murals, sculptures, and other artistic creations are just one of the ways that Vandal stands out among others.

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The art inside the restaurant is breathtaking, but with food so amazing, you won’t get distracted from the great tastes. The menu is set up in an unique fashion; it’s an ode to fast food, but with a much higher quality. The menu is split into four categories: Small, Medium, Large, and Extras.

Consider “Small” the appetizer section. From Sticky Rice Dumplings to Red Snapper Tostadas, the “Small” section is full of flavors and options. The plates look immaculate when served, and we can’t imagine a dish that wouldn’t taste good. The “Extras” section also offers some tasty vegetables to go along with your meals or appetizers.

If you are looking for more to eat, the “Medium” and “Large” sections of the menu may be the place to top things off for you and your partner. From the Heaven Spot Mini Burger to the many varieties of Street Pizza the restaurant serves, Vandal offers so many options that your mouth will be watering just looking at the menu.

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If you are looking for something very exciting and different, the Chicken Katsu + Hong Kong Egg Waffles dish is one that is exciting, unique, and unlike almost anything NYC has to offer to your taste buds. For meat lovers, there’s also a delicious skirt steak option as well.

Vandal also has a lounge — the restaurant’s bar area if you are looking for love! The restaurant recommends making reservations a month in advance, but the wait is sure to be worth it! While the prices are high, the ambiance that Vandal offers outweighs the cost, and your love will not be disappointed!

Have you visited Vandal and want to recommend a favorite dish? Any other perfect date night restaurant? Let us know in the comments below!