Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Uncommon Romantic Gestures He’ll LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Uncommon Romantic Gestures He’ll Love

By Josh Ringler

Relationships can be compared to snowflakes. At the basis of every snowflake is snow, and the basis of a relationship is love. But, just like snowflakes, no two relationships are alike. What separates one relationship from another is the uncommon acts that make each relationship special. Celebrity couples love to do unusual things that look so loving! So, why don’t you follow in your favorite couples’ footsteps and use our list of dating advice to make him fall for you even more!

These pieces of dating advice dive into the over-analyzed aspects of your relationship to prevent relationship problems!

1. Tickets: One of the best ways to make a guy happy is to get him tickets to an event. Whether it is a concert, sporting game, or a theatrical production, tickets are an expensively uncommon way to warm your man’s heart. At least one of these types of events will make your man happy, and a different date together will definitely heat things up! A great piece of relationship advice is to keep your relationship happy. The happier, the better!

2. Picnic: Here at Cupid we have a lot of date ideas, and one of the most uncommon date ideas that every person will love is a picnic! Food and the outdoors are always a great combination, and having his crush next to him will only make him happier. Find a romantic spot that isn’t too populated, grab a blanket, and pick out one of his favorite places to eat. Chipotle, Five Guys, whatever is fun to eat and won’t be too messy to clean after!

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3. Loving mementos: A loving, yet rarely seen, gesture of love are little things that come from the heart. Whether it is a picture, drawing, or a nice customized product, in today’s world they are very uncommon. While an Instagram photo together, or a Facebook post about your love for him is nice, having something he can look at, hold, or show off to his friends is way better. It shows you care and really took time out of your day to make something for him and it will really be appreciated!

4. Change up the typical: Take common things and make them uncommon. If you love to go hiking, find a new spot to go to. If you enjoy walking together, find a more romantic or beautiful place to walk. Finding ways to change up your daily routine is a great way to show you are thinking of ideas to keep the relationship fresh. That’s a crucial piece of dating advice; if things get stale, it can get bad quick! Changing up your plans for a different setting, meal, or something like that is a great way to make him fall harder for you!

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5. Shopping for him: Most men like to buy things and compliments. While you may not enjoy sitting with him while he is in the Nike store, or looking for a new sports shirt, he will appreciate it. Maybe go into a clothing store and have him try on things you think will look good on him and be sure to compliment him, while being honest with him. He will appreciate the compliments and honesty, and he will love the fact that you are spending time with him, helping him shop. It can be fun for the two of you, and if you go to a mall or shopping center, there will probably be a nice place to eat after!

Have you done anything uncommon for your man that missed the list? Let us know in the comments below!