Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Gift Him with a Guys Night OutCupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Gift Him with a Guys Night Out

By Ché Blackwood. Updated by Josh Ringler

Whether he’s grabbing a beer, playing video games or watching his favorite team, you know how your boyfriend wants to spend his spare time. Instead of dragging him to a restaurant that he doesn’t care for, or making him go shopping at the mall, gift him with a night that will take your love to new height with a different kind of weekend date idea.

Make your man feel extra special with this weekend date idea!

Head on over to ESPN and find out when his favorite sports team is playing next. Then, surprise him with a midweek trip to his favorite bar to watch the game together, one of the many date ideas that giving him a guys night out has to offer!

Do your part by researching the team and the players. Add in a few statistics and you will be sure to impress him. If your partner enjoys a sport that’s featured on a premium channel, like boxing, order it and invite his friends over to watch it too. You could even contact a restaurant in your area to find which spot will be broadcasting the main event.

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If you really want to shock him purchase two unexpected tickets so he can watch his favorite team live. Don’t tell him where you’re headed and watch his eyes light up as you reach the stadium. A few hotdogs and a clear view to the field will make his day and spark the romance. A great piece of dating advice is to keep your man happy, and he will be sure to make you happy too!

Trips to the batting cages, put-put golf and trivia night are other great television-free options for your guy’s night out.

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If your man isn’t the sports type, take him on an impromptu trip to his favorite restaurant where he can order that dish he’s been craving. After dinner, catch a movie he’s been dying to see. Let him know that you’re as laid back and fun to be around as his guy friends. This weekend date idea will clearly prove that to him! After all, karma dictates that you’ll be rewarded for showing your man a great time.

Have a great idea for a perfect guy’s night out together? Let us know what it is in the comments below!