Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 15, Episode 7: Sand, Skin and Broken RulesCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 15, Episode 7: Sand, Skin and Broken Rules

By Krissy Dolor

On this week’s “most dramatic episode of ABC’s The Bachelor yet”, Brad Womack and the remaining six bachelorettes head to the beaches of Anguilla.  As this is the week before hometown dates, when Brad gets to explore/invade four women’s home lives, he must make the ultimate decision – who does he see himself being with at the end of the day?

One obvious answer: Emily, who snagged the first one-on-one.  We know there will be at least one helicopter in each episode, and Brad used it to take the demure blonde to her own private Caribbean island.  Brad really wants to tell Emily how he feels (since surprising her with picnics during cocktail parties just isn’t enough), but can’t seem to get over how nervous she makes him feel.  “I care more for you than I should probably say right now,” he told Emily on their picnic lunch.  But is he setting himself up for heartbreak?

“I definitely want to bring Brad home, but I’m still on the fence about him meeting my daughter,” said Emily.  When Brad asked if he could meet Ricky, she sighed (which he noticed) and said she’s never introduced Ricky to someone she’s dated.  “I never want to confuse her in any way — you know?”  Brad knows, but doesn’t care – he wants wants to meet the kid.  Desperate to make this work, he tells Emily he will definitely give her a rose at the next ceremony, breaking Bachelor protocol.  “I don’t care about the rules,” he said.  “I care about Emily.”  Granted, ABC broke protocol by bringing Brad back, so I guess one slip up is OK.

Date number two went to Shawntel, who Brad wanted to see in an “everyday environment” (since hanging out in picturesque Anguilla is totally normal).  The two rode bikes and ended up at a farmer’s market.  “This is like, my perfect date, and he had no idea,” gushed Shawntel.  Other activities included drinking coconut milk straight from the coconut (how exotic!) and jump rope (yes…jump rope).  Shawntel’s drama-free attitude makes it easy to see why Brad enjoys being with her.  At dinner, the two talked about what next week would bring.  “Chico – you’ll fall in love,” Shawntel said of her hometown.  His cheeky response?  “Maybe I already am.”  Cue the rain and passionate kiss.

But the next one-on-one was anything but passionate, as Britt finally gets some alone time with Brad.  He surprised her with a yacht, which made everyone jealous.  Insert nasty Michelle comment here: “Seems like a waste of a one-on-one if you ask me.”  I’m sure Britt is a nice girl, but in reality, it really was a waste.  Brad chose (of all things to do with Britt) to go rock jumping.  “I’m terrified — as usual,” Britt said.  “It’s my normal, go-to feeling.”  She eventually took the plunge and impressed Brad – but it wasn’t enough.  “There’s no romance,” he said.  “I can’t force it.  It’s just not there.”

At dinner, Brad (just like he did with Alli) broke the bad news.  “I don’t see a future with you and I.”  But the wheels aren’t churning fast enough and Britt just thinks they need more time.  But that’s not the case.  “I know — I know — we’re not meant to be together.”  One down, one more to go.  Will one of the girls from the group date leave next?

Yes (but you’ll have to wait to find out who).  This group date started out with Brad waking up Chantal O., Ashley H. and Michelle at 2 a.m.  For what, you ask?  A Sport Illustrated photo shoot, that’s what.  Ashley is first to be shot – and the first to go topless, with shells covering up her bits.  Up next is Chantal, who, despite feeling like a “fat lard,” sexes it up with wet sand and provocative poses – oh, and topless shots as well.  Michelle, who can’t be outdone, laid on top of Brad and made out with him – all for the camera, of course.  At the end of the shoot, Brad realized that yet again, he has gotten caught up in Michelle’s tactics/sexual prowess.  “I put myself in hot water here,” he said, seeing everyone’s glum faces.  No kidding!

Needless to say, the rest of the date bombs.  But one woman had to get a rose at the end of this date, and he chose Ashley – which royally pissed off Chantal and Michelle, who both looked murderous.  “If you can’t choose me over one of three girls, then just send me home,” Chantal whimpered.  And it’s back to a whiny and insecure Chantal.  Can someone tell her to relax already?

Later that night, Brad decided to break another rule (what a rebel!) and not hold the obligatory cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  Chris Harrison, the voice of reason, asked Brad if he was sure.  “I’m very clear in this decision,” he replied.  So let’s get to it!

The order of the women who received roses (after Ashley) are: Emily (a given), Shawntel, and…Chantal!  Michelle finally got the ax.  I thought I’d be more happy about this, but I’ve enjoyed watching Michelle piss everyone off for the past seven weeks and now need a new woman to hate.  Brad’s walk with her to the goodbye limo is awkward as Michelle was completely mute.  Brad called his decision bittersweet: “There is intense physical attraction, but that would eventually wear off,” and added that they would have probably had a volatile relationship.  Finally!  See you later, crazy!

But Michelle, though defeated, looked calm as she laid across the back seat. No words were said to the camera – no outpouring of emotion, no tears or hiccups. Ms. Money went out just as she came in – strong. At the end of the day, this whole experience was something to add to her resume (and something to pass the time until her movie comes out). It’s a win-win!

Are you guys as thrilled as I am? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. And check back next week for our recap of episode 8 of The Bachelor when the final four bring Brad to meet the family.