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Date Idea: Take a Holiday from the Holidays

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Take a Holiday from the Holidays
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Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Take a Holiday from the HolidaysCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Take a Holiday from the Holidays
By Shannon Seibert. Updated by Josh Ringler

The holiday season may be exciting, but sometimes, it can be a bit much. This weekend, take a break from all of the holiday madness and settle down for some alone time with your partner with this date idea. Reflect on how thankful you are to have your relationship and love in your life instead of focusing on the Christmas chaos.

Recharge during the holidays with this date idea:

The never-ending shopping lists, incessant carolers, and stress of coordinating plans can take a toll on you. If you’re feeling the pressure, follow this dating advice: Relax and step away from the holly! Grab your man by the hand, hop in the car, and make a break for neutral territory. Going to a local park is a cool and casual weekend date idea. Pack up a thermos of hot coffee or tea and have your honey push you on the swing as you chat about anything but the season.

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Another good place for a holiday hiatus is the movie theater. A dark room with two full hours of no distractions is the perfect place for a little isolation. There most certainly will be a fun movie that both you and your partner can enjoy! Whether it is an action movie, comedy, or romantic drama, it will keep your phone in your pocket and those nagging Christmas calls away from your partner! Buy the biggest tub of popcorn they have and snuggle close to your love as the lights dim.

Why not just lock yourselves inside for the day? Put on a non-holiday movie, such as Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince or The Notebook, to distract you and your man from all of the films on the Hallmark channel. If you aren’t in the mood for just sitting around, put on some music that the two of you can enjoy and relax. Sway with your love around the house. You’ll feel like a princess in his arms. You could even be the ‘dancing queen’ if you want!

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At the day’s conclusion, be sure to remember what this season is all about and give thanks for your partner and all they have been through with you. By focusing on your relationship instead of the holiday season, you will avoid relationship problems, feel rejuvenated and gather enough energy to tackle the rest of the ‘happiest season of all’ together.

How would you take a break from the holiday festivities? Tell us in the comments below!

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