Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: “Fall” in LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: “Fall” in Love

By Shannon Seibert. Updated by Josh Ringler

Before the weather gets too cold, take time out to embrace summer’s last bit of warmth. This weekend, take part in some fall date ideas like going for an early fall hike and appreciating the nature changing around you. Or, you can just drive around with the windows down and breathe in that fresh autumn air. Check out this dating advice on how to make the most of your fall weekends!

Enjoy awesome date ideas for the fall!

Hiking is an amazing way for you and your man to connect with the beautiful outdoors and strengthen your relationship. Talk about your favorite events coming up this fall, and make plans for pumpkin carving, football games, and bonfires. The conversation will distract you from the distance, and in no time, you’ll cover a decent amount of ground and get a great workout in for your legs. Staying healthy is one of the great dating tips autumn has to offer.

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Collect different kinds of leaves as you make your way down the trail, and take cool pictures with the different sites you see. If you find a leaf unique enough, save it! Press it in a book, and when the leaf dries out, you can place it on a matted frame and have it as a keepsake of your trip.

For this weekend date idea, you can even build a pile of fallen leaves and jump in! The more, the better. Think of the scene from A Thanksgiving for Charlie Brown when everyone built gargantuan leaf piles and played in them for hours. You and your man can really dive into the feeling of fall and spend the afternoon making angels in the leaves.

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If exercise isn’t your thing or you don’t have any mountains to scale, then take a long drive with the windows down to soothe the soul. Have your beau turn on some of his favorite tunes and just enjoy each other’s company. Some “Old Time Rock N’ Roll” or a little bit of Jason Mraz will relax the both of you and ease the stress of the workweek.

If you are fickle about wasting gas, you can just drive to an open field and have a picnic. As a tribute to the end of summer and the beginning of fall, bring all of your favorite foods. Hidden Valley has an amazing recipe for potato salad, which is a great picnic food. It pairs well with turkey sandwiches and fresh fruit.

Lay out with your love and watch the clouds roll by. Bring up your favorite fall memories as a kid or plan a trip together. It could be a weekend getaway to a nearby cabin or a visit to a national park. The Red Woods in Yosemite National Park in California are beautiful this time of year. Ask him about what his ideal vacation would be and bounce ideas off of each other. Maybe even use your favorite celebrity couples as an idea-starter!

When the day is over, snuggle on the couch with a blanket, pop in your favorite rom-com, and think about a fun fall date idea for next weekend.

How are you and your honey getting into the spirit of fall? Tell us in the comments below!