Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: Make a Spooktacular Spectacle as a CoupleCupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: Make a Spooktacular Spectacle as a Couple

By Emma L. Wells. Updated by Josh Ringler

Make this Halloween extra special for you, your partner, and all of your neighbors by going all out with your decorations this year. For this date idea, one of the many you’ll find from Cupid, you and your partner can get busy hanging fake spider webs and spooky ghosts around the house in preparation for the trick-or-treaters.

Get ready for a great Halloween with this date idea.

Whether you’re going full-out scary or want a playful Halloween look, you’ll need to stock up on supplies. Grab your honey and set off for the local superstore. You’ll want to fill your cart up with creepy ghouls, fake gravestones, and maybe a skeleton or two. One of the many fun pieces of dating advice for this idea is to have a competition for who can make the scariest component in your yard! If you want to freak out your trick-or-treaters, think about getting things that glow in the dark or are motion-sensored. Or, you can go the opposite route and create a more lighthearted, kid-friendly setting by making your own jack-o-lantern pumpkin patch. Just like a relationship, make sure to compromise! That is always a great piece of dating advice. You can buy fake ones at the store that will last for years, or you can carve your own to add a personal touch to the scene.

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After your trip to the Halloween store, you and your partner can get into the spooky spirit. It’ll be fun to work together on this weekend date idea! You’ll see how well your creative sides mesh as you plan your decorations. Bonus: You’ll find out just how handy he can be while hanging skeletons and setting up lights. He might be more skilled with a toolkit than you thought! Learning new things about your significant other can be very beneficial for your relationship, especially if it’s a new one.

Don’t forget the candy, too! After putting in so much effort to make your house perfect for Halloween, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for all the trick-or-treaters who will be ringing your doorbell. You can either buy an assortment of treats at the store, or you and your partner can have some fun in the kitchen making your own cookies, candied apples, and popcorn balls.

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This date idea doesn’t end with the decorations. Once you’ve made over your house, it’s time to take a look in the mirror. You lovebirds will need great costumes to wear while passing out treats on Halloween. If you want more Halloween date ideas, costume shopping together always works! You might consider going as your favorite celebrity couple like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or a well-known duo like ketchup and mustard. Whatever you choose, this weekend date idea is one the whole neighborhood will enjoy!

How are you and your sweetheart preparing for Halloween together? Can you think of any celebrity couples that go all out for Halloween? Tell us below!