Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Pumpkin Picking With Your PartnerCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Pumpkin Picking With Your Partner

By Steven Zangrillo. Updated by Stephanie Sacco

What better way to spend a fall weekend than by picking pumpkins with your partner (say that five times fast)? Pumpkin picking is a lighthearted way to enjoy a beautiful fall day. This seasonal activity is only available to you for a small amount of time, so take the opportunity this weekend to go with your partner.

Here’s a date idea to get you into the spirit of Halloween!

The pumpkin picking itself will be a blast as this will give you the opportunity to make a decision as a pair. Discuss the size, shape, and particular orange glow that you so desire. Choose one large or a dozen tiny ones, but be aware of your partner’s preference. Take lots of pictures to document this fun date idea! Head to the nearest pumpkin patch or local farm and get into the holiday spirit. Then, decorate your porch or get ready to carve these babies!

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Show off your artistic and childlike side by carving your pumpkins into characters. Make caricatures of yourselves or scary Jack-O-Lanterns. Get a step-by-step kit or wing it with your partner. Be careful not to get too messy, but a few pumpkin guts never hurt anybody. Once you’re finished, enter them in a contest or give them out as gifts. It’s a fun and easy way to enjoy the fall weekend.

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Make pumpkin related desserts if you are up for carving them. Pumpkin spice has been hugely popular in the past, and let’s not forget the traditional pumpkin pie. Check out different pumpkin cocktail recipes, or try out a new dessert. Your partner will love getting creative with you this weekend.

Think you have some fun and crazy pumpkin carving ideas? Comment below!