Cupid's Pulse Article: A “Novel” Date Idea: Browsing for BooksCupid's Pulse Article: A “Novel” Date Idea: Browsing for Books

Updated by Stephanie Sacco

If you’re looking for a perfect way to settle down and relax this weekend, grab your partner and head to a bookstore for this weekend date idea. It’s a fun way to educate yourself about the new titles that are out there today. You’ll enjoy choosing books together and holding in laughter behind the shelves.

Here are some book-related date ideas to consider.

Find books that you and your partner both enjoy reading. Or, for fun, select one from a completely new genre, and take turns reading it to one another. Start a book club of two if you decide on a book together, or read totally different ones. If he likes graphic novels and you’re in the mood for a memoir, that’s fine, too. As long as you are reading together! Head to the nearest library or bookstore, and let your inner book-nerd out.

If you’re into e-reading, cuddle in bed with your honey and go through the new book releases on your Kindle, Nook or iPad. Once you’ve found something, take turns reading to each other until one of you falls asleep.

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If you love a book that has a movie adaption, consider reading it and then going to see the movie with your partner. Debate about which was better – the novel or the film. Discuss the differences between the two over dinner afterwards or eat popcorn and whisper about it from your very own couch. It’ll be good for the two of you to bond over your interests.

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If you and your partner enjoy similar authors, try to attend an author meet and greet or a book signing. Typically book stores or libraries have author talks and signings so take a look in your local newspaper. It’s a perfect date idea that will link the two of you, since you’ll hold onto the books forever.

What’s your favorite part about browsing for books with your partner? Comment below!