Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Express Your Love With a Chalk Me UP! T-ShirtCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Express Your Love With a Chalk Me UP! T-Shirt

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By Cortney Moore

In search of a unique gift for the art lovers in your life? Look no further! Our product review of Chalk Me Up! t-shirts are the statement pieces you didn’t even know you were missing. This creative line of t-shirts features a chalkboard backdrop that allows wearers to customize their look with drawings and sayings.

Product Review: Get Your Message Across

Chalk Me Up! t-shirts are simplicity at its best. Each t-shirt displays a chalkboard on its front, which can be written on, erased, and rewritten on with chalk. These t-shirts scream fun and encourage creativity, not to mention it can also have educational uses. Bring individuality back to fashion and EXPRESS yourself.

Chalk Me Up! offers six different styled chalkboards to write on, including: a train, heart, flower, Brontosaurus, T-Rex  and a talk bubble. Seasonal chalkboards are also available during different times in the year, such as their football helmet chalkboard t-shirt during football season and a shark chalkboard for summer.

Additionally, Chalk Me Up! is capable of creating customized chalkboard t-shirts upon request. Just imagine your sweetheart’s surprise when you propose on a chalkboard t-shirt! Or, make an adventurous birthday or anniversary date night more fun with a t-shirt that announces your special day! Why buy 10 different “saying” shirts when you only need one with Chalk Me Up!

Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re taking part in a fundraiser, birthday party, family reunion, or corporate event, Chalk Me Up! has you covered.

And of course, each t-shirt purchase comes with a FREE 12-pack of Crayola Multi-Colored Chalk!

It’s a chalkboard on a t-shirt, so style it your own way, another way, everyday!

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