Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Sienna Miller Says She Stills Cares ‘Enormously’ for Ex Jude LawCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Sienna Miller Says She Stills Cares ‘Enormously’ for Ex Jude Law

By Stephanie Sacco

Sienna Miller and Jude Law have had their ups and downs. In celebrity news and gossip, they met on the set of their film Alfie and got engaged quickly. A year later, Law had an affair with the nanny and they cut ties as a celebrity couple. However, they tried again in 2009, but officially ended things in 2011. According to, Miller still cares for her on-again-off-again ex in 2016. She said, “We don’t see each other that much.” Followed by, “I care about him enormously.” Miller calls her list of celebrity exes a ‘motley crew’ and claims she likes intelligent guys. Let’s hope she finds ‘the one’ soon.

In this celebrity news, Sienna Miller is still very fond of her ex partner. What are some ways to remain friends with your ex post-breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Staying friends with an ex is sometimes even harder than the break-up itself. But famous couples can do it and so can you. Cupid is here to help show you the way:

1. Don’t force it: If you’re arguing all the time and the friendship is toxic, cut it off. It’s no use trying to be friends if you guys aren’t on the same page. Only hold onto the friendship if it’s working for both of you.

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2. Don’t fall back into old patterns: If you find yourselves going to the same places you used to go to when you where in love, it might get awkward. Don’t let him pay for all of the meals and don’t always hang out alone. Spend time in a group setting to test the friendship.

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3. Don’t rush: You can take time in between breaking up and being friends.If you guys need space or distance, it’s okay to wait. Ease into it and test out the friendship first before making a big decision.

How do you stay friends with an ex? Comment below!