Cupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Discusses Victoria Beckham’s Involvement In Her Celebrity WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Eva Longoria Discusses Victoria Beckham’s Involvement In Her Celebrity Wedding

By Nicole Caico

Eva Longoria and Jose Baston’s celebrity wedding took place at a stunning location, Baston’s estate in Acapulco, Mexico. But, what wedding is complete without a custom dress celebrity style? Eva Longoria revealed that Victoria Beckham was the mastermind behind her gorgeous gown. Not only was Beckham the dress designer on the big day, but she was also a witness for the marriage. According to, Longoria wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, saying, “She was the best, sweetest person to have there on this day, not only did she do my wedding dress but she’s one of my best friends so for her to be there was so special.”

Even in celebrity weddings, friendships play a big part! What are some ways to incorporate your friends in your wedding festivities?

Cupid’s Advice:

While we may not all be lucky enough to have a celebrity designer as a BFF, having friends add something to your wedding is a meaningful experience in a friendship. Aside from asking them to join your bridal party, there are many more ways to let your friends play a role in your wedding. They play a huge role in your life, so it’s important to incorporate them in your special day:

1. Part of the planning: Try to loosen your grip on the wedding planning reins and allow your friends to contribute ideas. If they know you’re normally a control freak, they’ll be touched by your consideration and incorporation of their ideas. Your friends have your best interests at heart and may even be able to talk you out of some bad ideas, from your dress to your decorations. Friends who have already gotten married may have some extra valuable advice.

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2. Bigger than the bridal party: If you keep your bridal party small, but still have friends attending the wedding who are not part of the bridal party, be sure to get a professional picture taken with them, too. Not everyone has to be a bridesmaid, and not everyone wants to be a bridesmaid, so make sure to take the time out to get a great group photo with all of your closest friends. Sending them copies of the photo after the wedding will be a nice touch.

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3. Speech, speech, speech!: The only person making the rules for who can and cannot make a speech at your wedding is you. Give your friends the opportunity to say a few words about you and your years as friends. Let them get creative with a group speech or give the honors to one specific person. Giving the spotlight to a few of your closest friends on your special day will show them how important they are to you, and it will be a memorable moment in your life.

How would you incorporate your friends into your wedding? Comment below!