Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: ‘That 70’s Show’ Star Topher Grace Marries Ashley HinshawCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: ‘That 70’s Show’ Star Topher Grace Marries Ashley Hinshaw

By Nicole Caico

On Sunday, May 29, Topher Grace married Ashley Hinshaw. The celebrity wedding took place in Montecito, California. According to, Grace, who starred as Eric Forman on That 70s Show, proposed to Hinshaw in January 2015 with a square cut engagement ring. This celebrity couple is now basking in post-wedding bliss!

This celebrity wedding was said to be super romantic. What are some unique ways to add romantic touches to your wedding ceremony?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your wedding day is something you’ll never forget, so naturally you want it to be perfect. Adding romantic touches to your ceremony makes your day all the more special and personal for you and your betrothed:

1. Words from the heart: The classic first step in customizing your ceremony and stepping up the romance is writing your own vows. Writing your own vows gives you the chance to tell your significant other how much they mean to you in front of all your friends and family, in your own words. It also gives you the opportunity to show who you are as a couple, as vows can be kept serious or you can squeeze a few jokes in there. And as a bonus, there’s almost no way to mess up writing your vows, it won’t take world’s best writer to come up with heartfelt words for the person they are about to marry.

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2. A creative welcome: If there is space in the area where your guests will be entering your ceremony location, consider putting something there. Collages of you and your significant other from childhood, or pictures of you two together. Maybe even consider putting a small polaroid camera there and a cork board so guests can snap a pic on the way in and hang them up for you to keep. Adding a personal touch before the ceremony even begins will set a great tone for whatever is to come.

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3. Do away with rice: Typically at the end of a wedding ceremony, guests toss rice as the bride and groom make their way out to the car. This is yet another aspect of your ceremony that you can add a personal, romantic twist to. Instead of rice, have your guest throw something that is symbolic of your relationship. If you can both agree on a favorite flower, have guests throw those petals, or order confetti that is shaped like characters from your favorite movie. Romantic touches can be subtle!

What are some other ways to make your wedding more personal? Share your thoughts below.