Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Dance the Night AwayCupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Dance the Night Away

By Ryan Boyle. Updated by Stephanie Sacco

One way to spice up your love life is by going dancing with your partner. The lights are dim, the music is loud, and you and your man are out for a night on the town. It’s time to show off your moves, so put on your dancing shoes.

Here are some date ideas that will have you dancing.

Live music is a great entertaining date idea that will have you on your feet. Lots of bars and restaurants offer live music on the weekends or karaoke and open mic nights during the week. Grab your partner and start jumping, because you won’t want to miss out on all the fun. Order a drink, and get ready to whip your hair back and forth.

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Once the music starts, the dancing can begin. If you can’t dance, it’s okay. Start by improvising and moving with the music. Act silly as long as your partner is up for the fun. If he’s awkward and stand-offish, get him to loosen up. Grab his hand and pull him onto the dance floor. Show him that it’s okay to look ridiculous.

If he’s not the dancing type, just sway with your partner or jump up and down. Head bang to the hits of today, or make up your own moves.

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Go to a class together and express yourselves. Be passionate, or attend a concert that you both love. As long as you and your partner are close, that’s all that matters. Take this weekend as an opportunity to get even closer.

You might even find “your song” while you’re out with your partner. Whenever you hear it you’ll be reminded of the fun times you both had together.

Do you have any fun dance-related date ideas? Comment below!