Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: High School SweetheartsCupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: High School Sweethearts

By Shannon Seibert. Updated by Stephanie Sacco.

The purest form of love is often times teenage love. The anticipation of first kisses, stolen glances, and broken curfews are some of the most magical memories we have of our high school romances. So, why not relive it? Even if you and your partner just met, there’s nothing more romantic than recreating past moments that you can cherish while making new memories.

Plan a high school-inspired weekend date idea while adding a modern twist.

Throw on his old Letterman jacket, and catch a football game at your old high school. Underneath the Friday night lights, you can cuddle on the bleachers and reminisce about the good old days. Get loud and proud for your local team and bond with your man by seeing who can cheer the loudest or try to predict the end score of the game. Enjoy the concession stand and share a bite to eat. Visit with old teachers or coaches if the time presents itself. It would be a good boost for the both of you.

With this date idea, you can snuggle close together and pick a topic to discuss. Chat about the game, your high school experiences, your past relationships, and your possible future together!

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Didn’t win prom queen in high school? Well, now’s the time to make your dream come true with this prom-inspired date idea. Put on a fancy dress to impress your partner, bring out the dusty CDs you grew up with, and recreate your own prom. Turn your backyard or living room into an intimate dance floor and invite a few friends over. String up some lanterns, shuffle some tunes, and have a night to remember.

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Completely turn the tables and start at the beginning again. Throw rocks at his window, pass secret notes, write love letters. Call their house phone and leave mushy voicemails. Pretend the times are different and we went back in time. Rent a movie from an old video store or visit the places you used to hang out. Your old stomping ground might be a little bit different today but it’ll provide nostalgia that you can share with your partner.

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