Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Game OnCupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Game On

By Jessica Conigliaro. Updated by Stephanie Sacco.

Get ready for some friendly competition with your man. Show off your gamer side, and challenge your partner to a tournament. Face off against each other in your favorite games, both video and board with these date ideas.

Here are some fun weekend date ideas involving games.

Video games are a great way to bond with your partner. You can show each other how to play your favorite games and then compete to see who’s the champion. Make different bets for different games: loser has to cook dinner or winner picks the restaurant. Win or lose, you’ll have a great time bonding with your partner.

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Find other ways to compete with one another, too. Break out the old pool table in your basement, and wager kisses. Play foosball, or find some old board games you loved as a kid. Reminisce about simple times, and learn about each other’s childhoods. You’ll feel closer than ever before.

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Hit up an arcade at a mall or movie theater. If your man’s a dedicated gamer, he’ll love the chance to go retro. Challenge your partner to an intense game of Pac-Man, or race him in a car simulation game. Challenge him to a nice game of air hockey. Win tickets for small candy and prizes. Playing skee-ball and other arcade games make for a fun afternoon.

You may even decide to invest in a pinball machine or PlayStation 3 after having such a fun day!

What’s your favorite game to play with your partner? Comment below!