Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Pregnant Holly Madison Talks Celebrity Baby No. 2Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Pregnant Holly Madison Talks Celebrity Baby No. 2

By E! News

Holly Madison is all about moving onward and upward. According to E! News, the pregnant star has been quite the busy bee between preparing for her second celebrity baby with hubby Pasquale Rotella and releasing her latest book The Vegas Diaries, but Madison was able to sit down with E! News’ Maria Menounos and Jason Kennedy to chat about everything going on in her life—including that ongoing feud with former Girls Next Door co-star Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett. But first, babies. In latest celebrity news, Madison, who is expecting a baby boy very soon, tells us that she and Rotella are still trying to decide on a name for their little one. “My husband and I are still debating. We’re kind of waiting for that last-minute epiphany for a name we really love.” The couple’s 2-year-old daughter Rainbow Aurora is also anticipating her little brother’s arrival, even if she wasn’t exactly stoked about the news at first. “She’s ready. When she first heard she was having a brother, she was like, ‘No, I want a sister.’ But now she’s kinda come around and she’s happy about having a brother.” LOL!

Madison has always been very candid about her life with the public, from her time in the Playboy mansion to her books and family life, and when it comes to sharing her stories with her children, she’s grateful that she has a way for them to know her entire story.

“I think that’s the great thing about having the books. If for some reason I’m not around, they can have those stories there and know why I made the decisions I made, and what I learned from my mistakes and different things like that,” she tells us. “I think it’s about age-appropriateness too, so I’ll play that by ear.”

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One thing she’ll definitely be able to share with her children is the need to let go of worrying about everyone else, something she tells E! News would be her advice to her younger self.

“I would just tell myself to be more confident and not worry about constantly pleasing other people or being scared of what other people are gonna think because I feel like I lived so much of my life in fear of other people’s opinions and what other people were gonna think about me that it held me back from moving forward for so long.”

Madison touched on a bit of that in her latest book, which focuses on her life after leaving the mansion and ending her long-term relationship with Hugh Hefner.

“It was really when I got to know myself and it was my journey. It ends right before I meet my husband in real life. And I think my biggest lesson I learned was that we spend so much time looking for that other perfect person when we should really be looking for ourselves.”

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Holly has also been recently targeted by former co-star Kendra, who took to Twitter to say some vulgar things about Madison (which she later deleted), and while the author could go on attack to defend herself, she’s just choosing not to.

“I don’t necessarily wanna clear things up specifically because I wrote my story about my time in the mansion and that’s there for everybody to read and it speaks for itself,” Madison tells E! News of the Kendra debacle. “And as far as any ongoing feuds, it’s just not something I engage in because some people wanna drag it on forever and I’ve moved on.”

However, Holly admits that Kendra’s remarks were “definitely hurtful. It got to the point where I know I can say just as mean things about her, but why would I want to?”

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