Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Reasons Being Nice Doesn’t Lead to LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Reasons Being Nice Doesn’t Lead to Love

By Josh Ringler

Being nice is fundamental to a healthy and successful relationship. It may seem obvious, but it’s a very important piece of love advice to keep in mind. That being said, it does not always end in love. Countless celebrity couples started as good friends, yet ended up with broken hearts. Some relationship advice tips are below that may give you a reason to believe that being nice doesn’t necessarily result in a new perfect pair!

These pieces of relationship advice will show you why it is important to be more than nice if you’re looking for love.

1. Nice can be boring: Celebrity couples have their fair share of drama and it rarely ever comes from being nice. While being a good person should be on the forefront of your mind, it may not always add to the relationship and could create boredom. While fighting and disagreements can jeopardize the sanctity of your relationship, being the nicest you can be or just not changing things up will definitely not help either.

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2. It is expected: Societal norms state that you are supposed to be nice to everyone, regardless of how you feel about them. If you think that being congenial will instantly make you and your partner one of the next famous couples, take this relationship advice to heart, and make sure to do what is expected of you. Being nice isn’t something that you should go out of your way to do; being a good person should come naturally.

 3. Being nice isn’t enough: At the same time, being nice, kind, or generous just may not be enough to make a relationship work. Making your partner laugh and just being there for them emotionally are two of the many other important relationship advice tips. If you find a way to include other ways of making the relationship work, , you will definitely improve your chances.

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 4. Welcome to the friend zone: There are two words more fearful to any couples,than almost any other words: friend zone. Being nice can absolutely get you love, but at the same time, it can also lead your prospective partner to believe that you just want to be friends, or are maybe not interested in them “in that way.” If you come across as a pushover, it could be a turn off to the idea of a relationship. It could be even worse by keeping you in the friend zone for good!

Was being too nice becoming a problem for you? Did you follow these pieces of relationship advice and do more than just being nice? Comment below!