Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Drew Barrymore Calls Herself ‘Common Denominator’ in Failed RelationshipsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Drew Barrymore Calls Herself ‘Common Denominator’ in Failed Relationships

By Dena Linzer

Relationships get tough, and often times unfortunately end in break-ups or divorce. Although heartbreak is hard to get over, accepting and understanding are key ways to develop healthier relationships in the future. In latest celebrity news, Drew Barrymore talks her celebrity divorce and various celebrity breakups. According to, Barrymore calls herself the “common denominator” in failed relationships.

It’s sad to see this celebrity divorce come to fruition. What are some ways to determine what went wrong in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorce is difficult to deal with, but realizing the issues within your relationship can help in the future with yourself and others. Lucky for you, Cupid has some relationship advice for learning and understanding what went wrong:

1. Be honest: Being honest with not only your ex, but with yourself as well, will help you accept what went wrong. Admitting that you were not perfect is realistic, and will benefit you when understanding why you two did not work out.

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2. Forget the petty issues: When you let go of the petty problems between you and your partner, you’re unveiling the real reasons behind why you two broke up. Discerning the actual problems instead of the surface issues helps you realize what not to look for in your next relationship.

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3. Move on: Moving forward with your life will stop you from pretending the issues in your relationship were not there. Acknowledging the problems with you and your partner will show you what type of person you want and how you want to be treated in the future.

Dealing with a divorce or breakup can hurt, but understanding what went wrong helps you learn for the future. How did you determine what went wrong in your relationship? Share your advice with us below!