Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: When to Share Your PasswordsCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: When to Share Your Passwords

By Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher for Project Soulmate with contributing writer Emily Stovall

Is there ever really a right time to share your password? Is there a bad time? Most people don’t know, and that is completely understandable because sharing passwords is kind of an awkward situation. Sometimes people believe sharing a password means taking the next step in a relationship, and allowing oneself to be completely open with their partner. Other times, people feel like they should never have to give out their password because it is an invasion of privacy, and they figure “why does my partner need it anyways?” Both are totally logical, and lead me to the relationship advice that the relationship experts at Project Soulmate have, which is that there is never a right time to share passwords, but there can be a wrong time.

Relationship Advice On Sharing Passwords: How Soon Is Too Soon?

If you are trying to show your boyfriend a picture or video and your phone locks in the middle of him looking at it, then by all means tell him your password. Sometimes people just take the idea of sharing a password too far, when in reality it is not a big deal at all. Often times people are scared of sharing their password simply because they feel like they have something to hide. My question is if you really have something that secret to hide from your significant other, then why are you dating your significant other? In a healthy relationship, there is no particular day that you both agree to share your passwords, it just happens naturally. It happens when the password is needed to do something, not needed to “snoop” on something.

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When your partner requests your password simply because they feel like you are being unfaithful, our relationship advice is not to give it to them, because that is the wrong time to share your password. This makes the whole password sharing moment have a negative connotation behind it and should be avoided. If your significant other is worried you are cheating, or vice versa, then you are having bigger relationship problems than simply not having shared passwords. Relationships should be built on trust, and without that trust, the love will be lost. Sharing your password won’t bring the love back, it will only lead to more and more distrust, and more and more “snooping” of each others stuff.

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Our dating tip: Share your password when the time naturally comes up, not the time that someone just wants to snoop.

Relationship experts Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher are BRAVO TV’s Love Brokers and founders of Project Soulmate, a high-end New York-based matchmaking company.