Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Get Details on Blac Chyna’s Engagement Ring from Rob KardashianCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Get Details on Blac Chyna’s Engagement Ring from Rob Kardashian

By Brooke Crawford

In latest celebrity news, Rob Kardashian has popped the question, and Blac Chyna has the ring to prove it. According to, the former reality star has been feeling much better about himself because of his now fiancé. After dating for three months, Kardashian decided that it was time to propose to the woman who helped him come out of his shell. This celebrity wedding will be just as beautiful as Blac Chyna’s $325,000 7-Carat ring.

This celebrity wedding news is front and center right now! What are some ways to choose the right engagement ring for your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Finding the right ring for the woman you adore is a difficult task. How do you know what cut she likes? Does she like white gold? Don’t worry, Cupid has just the right relationship advice to help with engagement ring confusion:

1. Talk to family: Chances are that your woman has told her family the kind of ring that she hopes to get one day. If she has sisters, start by asking them if they know anything. Bring a catalog of pictures so that they can give you an idea of what the perfect ring looks like.

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2. Her Friends: Find a way to get in contact with her closest girl friends. They will give you the lowdown, as they’ve sure to have had heart to hearts about all things weddings. Ask them for every example that they can recall. If time permits, ask her closest friend to come with you to pick out options at local jewelry stores.

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3. Check her social media: Every woman leaves a paper trail about her favorite dress or party favor so there is bound to be something that hints at her favorite ring. Look for her Pinterest and Instagram to see if she has liked or posted any wedding ring photos. If she has a Pinterest, she could have a wedding pinboard filled with all her hopes for a dream engagement and wedding.

Sometimes you need a little help when choosing the perfect ring. How did you know which ring to pick? Comment below!