Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelor’ Creator Says JoJo Fletcher is Up to 4.5 Kisses This Season so FarCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelor’ Creator Says JoJo Fletcher is Up to 4.5 Kisses This Season so Far

By Brooke Crawford

Deemed the hottest cast yet, The Bachelorette has a lot of on camera action taking place. According to, in latest celebrity news, this 25 year old real estate agent has a pool of eligible, attractive men ready to sweep her off her feet and claim celebrity couple status. Contenders such as Jordan Rodgers, younger brother to NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, are all vying for her affection. Sources say that she is at almost five kisses already, and the season is just getting started. But Fletcher is not the only woman who should be dating around to see who is her perfect match!

This celebrity news has us ready for The Bachelorette like whoa! What are some ways dating around is a good thing?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you are single and ready to mingle, dating around can be a fun experience. See below for some dating advice from Cupid:

1. Have options: Dating around is a positive experience because it provides you with romantic options. This allows you to break away from your normal type and start mingling with other potential dates that you would not normally consider. You will be able to talk with people of various interests and personalities, which helps you decide what you like and don’t like.

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2. Personal growth: Successful dating experiences help our personalities grow. Dating can help us develop things like social confidence, manners, and good conversation skills. We gain more personal identity through relationships with others and the interactions that occur.

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3. Prepare for marriage: When you have dating experiences, this can prepare you for a successful marriage one day. You learn how to be in a healthy, long-term relationship by learning from experience. Dating can teach you some of the necessary things to ensure you have a lasting marriage in the future.

Dating is all about keeping your options open until the right person comes along. How has dating been a good experience for you? Comment below.