Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Juan Pablo Says He Might Join ‘Bachelorette’ to Compete for JoJo Fletcher’s HeartCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Juan Pablo Says He Might Join ‘Bachelorette’ to Compete for JoJo Fletcher’s Heart

By Brooke Crawford

Social media confessions may be the way to go when it comes to professing a new crush. Latest celebrity news boasts that Juan Pablo has a thing for none other than JoJo Fletcher, the next Bachelorette. reports that the 35-year old posted on Twitter that he would be interested in competing for the eligible and very single celebrity.

This celebrity news has us saying, “It’s ok.” What are some unique ways to win the heart of your crush?

Cupid’s Advice:

Trying to win over your ultimate crush is an emotion-filled process. If you can’t seem to get the right idea, keep reading for a little dating advice from Cupid:

1. Find their interests: One of the best ways to connect is over common interests. Do a little investigating to find out what activities your love interest enjoys. Set up a nice date to enjoy a play, a day at the horse races, or a Broadway show together. You will both enjoy each other’s company and your crush will start seeing you in a romantic light.

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2. Focus on your success: People love to see that others are focused on their own goals and dreams. Show an adequate amount of attention to your potential lover, but continue to aspire to your own form of success. It shows that while you have a new love interest, your priorities come first. You cannot love someone else until you love yourself first.

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3. Support them: If you want someone to know that you are sincerely interested in them, support them in their endeavors. You can make someone’s day by attending an event, assisting them in hosting a conference, or helping them with something work-related. Making an effort to be present in their personal life helps them to know you are serious about what is important to them.

Cupid is not the only one with good dating advice. What are some ways you have won over your love interest? Comment below.