Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Kanye West Helped Kim Kardashian Fight Back During Nude Selfie ControversyCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Kanye West Helped Kim Kardashian Fight Back During Nude Selfie Controversy

By Brooke Crawford

In the latest celebrity news, the Internet was, once again, broken by none other than Kim Kardashian. The controversial reality TV star posted a nude selfie on Instagram on March 7th with the caption, “When you are like I have nothing to wear LOL!” She then called out those who bashed her and sent flowers to the celebrities who praised her. According to, husband Kanye West is the reason that Kardashian has changed how she responds to social media trolls. A source shared that the famous celebrity couple coordinates tweets in support of one another.

This famous celebrity couple isn’t one to shy away from the limelight. What are some ways to support your partner in the face of drama?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s not just celebrity couples that have to support one another through the good and bad; drama and hard times occur for every relationship. Below, Cupid shares three pieces of relationship advice to help you support your partner:

1. Show appreciation: No matter the scenario, your significant other needs to see that you appreciate them. Cook them dinner, plan a special date night, or leave a love note for them to read — anything that will lift their spirits through the hard times. Not only will they feel appreciated by your efforts, but you will feel great too!

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2. Don’t criticize: Everyone makes mistakes throughout life. The last thing your honey needs is criticism about the situation they are experiencing. Even if they took a wrong path, be encouraging and find useful ways to assist them in rectifying things so that you both can move on to brighter days.

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3. Just listen: A lot of times, it helps to have someone who is willing to hear your problems. Before you go into “fix it mode,” try to listen to your partner. After all, an important part of being in a healthy relationship is communication. Allow your partner to vent to you about their struggles. Your bond will be strengthened because you were able to be the support they needed.

Tough times can be unsettling for any couple. How have you supported your loved one during drama? Tell us below!