Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Make Life Easier for You and Your Family with BubbleBum, Poli, and BooginheadCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Make Life Easier for You and Your Family with BubbleBum, Poli, and Booginhead

This post is sponsored by BubbleBum, Poli, and Booginhead.

By Mary DeMaio

When you’re a parent and constantly on-the-go, your life can be stressful and overwhelming. You’re always moving the booster seat in and out of the car. Your little ones spill milk or juice on the floor everyday. And then, there’s dinner time! It can sometimes take an hour just to get little Johnny to eat his chicken nuggets. Believe it or not, there are a few products on the market that make parenting a little bit easier. In our product review below, check out some great items that both you and your baby are sure to love.

Use This Product Review to Make Life Easier

First, the BubbleBum is an inflatable car booster seat that guarantees your child’s safety and makes travel a lot smoother. It is portable, lightweight and for children between the ages of 4 and 11. This must-have product easily inflates and deflates, which makes it effortless to take along on vacations, beach days, or trips to Grandma’s house.

The next product that will make your life simpler is the Poli Sippy Cup. The Poli Sippy Cup is easy to clean and is BPA-, phosphates-, and lead-free. It has an easy flow of liquids so your child doesn’t have any tummy discomfort and also has a soft-chew resistant spout for babies that are teething. There are nursery rhymes featured on every cup, which promote early reading skills.

Finally, thanks to Booginhead, dinner time will never be stressful again. This cool line of Super Power themed tableware and accessories will definitely keep your child entertained throughout the meal. The days of chasing them around the kitchen table with a spoon are behind you. These products have an interesting way of captivating children’s attention with their branded plate colors and bold words that pop. From cups and utensils to plates, these dinner sets are perfect for mixing and matching.

The three items in this product review are sure to make the days much less complicated and chaotic for the entire family. You and your partner will be happy that you have restored order back into your lives (at least for a little while).

For more information about the products mentioned above, check out BubbleBumUSA Poli, and BooginHead.