Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Author Deborah K. Heisz Talks Choosing Joy In Life and LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Author Deborah K. Heisz Talks Choosing Joy In Life and Love

By Michelle Foti

You can’t see it, hear it, smell it, or touch it, but when you have it, you feel as if you are in its embrace. When you lose it, you want to fold up inside yourself and remain closed off everyone. Marked by smiles, laughter, or a loving look into your partner’s eyes, happiness can be simply attained, but can also be effortlessly lost. Grasping for happiness once again can be arduous, even painful. Deborah K. Heisz’s self-help book, Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy and self-help magazine, Live Happy provide the path for choosing happiness in your life, illuminated by the stories of celebrities and ordinary people along the way. In our exclusive author interview, Heisz talks love advice, relationship advice, and career advice. Take it from her and take it boldly as you act on your choice of joy in all entities of your life.

Author Opens Up On Best Relationship Advice to Find Happiness

To start, since our site focuses on dating and relationships, I’d love to ask you some questions on that topic. What relationship advice do you have for longtime couples who have relationship problems and are struggling to keep their marriage thriving?

Positivity gets positivity. Be present with each other and put the device away. When you share time with one another, be engaged. Positive communication is everything; 80% of your communication should be positive. When the majority is negative, you drift away from one another. Pay each other compliments and be sure to say I love you every day.

How can someone find joy after a tough breakup?

There are great stories in the book about this. Building resilience, finding little things to be grateful for. Also, find something that engages you and devote time to yourself. That will remove you from the pain.

Any tips for coming across as confident when you feel anything but after a breakup?

When you feel good about yourself you are more attractive to other people. You want to build yourself up to be a whole person before a relationship. You can’t be a half looking for your other half.

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What is the best piece of love advice you’ve ever been given?

Passion comes and goes, friendship persists.

Shifting gears, your book includes stories from many celebrities, including Jason Mraz, Alanis Morissette, and Niki Taylor. Did you get to interview these celebrities, or did you gather research on them?

All direct interviews. The editors went out and got the stories. The best experience was with Hota. She believes in living happily and projecting positivity through the world. Also, Alanis Morissette. She was all about mindfulness, meditation, and graciousness.

Why did you pick these celebrities to cover in your book about happiness?

The standard diva impression is true, but we make sure those aren’t people we’re working with. We want to work with celebrities who are real, who are interested in more than themselves, and people who want a more positive world.

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We have to ask: Do you have any theories on why celebrity relationships so often fail?

They are high powered relationships with two people in the spotlight, who are ambitious and competitive. They spend time apart and it’s very hard to keep in contact for the relationship. They have commitments to long term projects. They get distracted by opportunity and have difficulty setting boundaries.

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Lastly, do you have any other upcoming projects or anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Every March 1, it’s international day of happiness. It’s an online campaign at, where we try to get people to perform happy acts throughout March. We want to make the world a better place. On March 20th, there will be 72 large walls around the country that are meant to show that you can spread and choose happiness.

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