Cupid's Pulse Article:’s Sixth Annual #SinglesInAmerica Dating Advice: Study Proves a Second Date is More Crucial for Long-Term LoveCupid's Pulse Article:’s Sixth Annual #SinglesInAmerica Dating Advice: Study Proves a Second Date is More Crucial for Long-Term Love

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By Samantha Vlahos

Calling all singles! Has this past Valentine’s Day gotten you down? Are you still determined to find love in 2016? If so, you’re in luck! Over the holiday weekend, hosted a live stream event and shared their sixth annual Singles In America study at The Rickey at Dream Midtown in New York City. This year’s study explored dating during the election year, how to ditch your ex when you return to the dating world and also confirmed that a second date is more important than the first. Reveals Dating Advice For Singles In America

The First Date Playbook: Recipes for Second-Date Fate

The first date blues. It gets us all. You are constantly going on dates and cannot seem to find a spark with anyone. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. According to’s study, 59% of singles do not expect to feel chemistry until the second date, and over a third of singles don’t expect passion to erupt until the third date or later.

So, instead of putting so much focus on the first date, start thinking about the second one. And, the study shows that the best way to get a second date is with sushi! Yes, going out for sushi on the first date increases your chance of a second date by 200%. There’s just something intriguing about sharing a sushi roll and teaching your date how to use chopsticks, that makes them want to ask you out again!  

The Ex Factor: Letting Go and Moving On

Who classifies as an ex these days? Over 50% of singles believe you have to date more than three months to count someone as an ex, with 32% of women believing you have to date someone for over a year to consider them in that category.

Post-breakup dating is one of the most challenging aspects of dating these days. With today’s technology and our society’s infatuation with social media, it’s almost impossible to not keep up with your ex after a breakup. No matter what the circumstances, remember that you should never talk about an ex during a date. Talking about or asking about an ex will diminish your chances of furthering the relationship. At the start of a relationship, you should focus on learning about the person versus worrying about their past. Learning about a person’s past relationships will come naturally later if you stay together.

The Single Vote: Politics in Dating 

According to the study, a good discussion on any political issue can boost your chances of a second date by 91 percent. Of this, 25% of  singles say “not being registered to vote” is an instant deal-breaker, while 35% will not consider dating someone who “does not have an opinion on key political issues.” 

So, is it politically correct to assume that the dating life of a Republican and Democrat are really that different? Yes, it is. Match has noted that in this election year, the study also reveals the significant, yet subtle similarities and differences between single Republicans and Democrats.

Democrats, are you thinking about marriage? If so, bring it up on the first date! The topic will increase your chances for a second. As for you Republicans, going out for an expensive dinner increases your chances for a second date by 50 percent.

As the Singles In America survey reveals and Dr. Fisher says, “We’re so focused on the first date, but the big deal is to get the second date.”  Dating today is constantly changing with the help of technology, but remember not to put too much pressure on the first date. Go to a simple dinner, get to know the person and give the second date a real shot!

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