Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 5 Benefits To Being Single On Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 5 Benefits To Being Single On Valentine’s Day

By Katie Gray

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in an intimate relationship to embrace and celebrate. Relationships and love are great, but don’t be upset if you haven’t found the love of your life yet and find yourself single on this V-Day. Look forward to the fact that this means that your Prince Charming is on the way, and think about the future romantic relationship you will have. Many celebrity couples and celebrities who are dating around (nothing serious) are celebrating in a variety of ways, so look to them for dating advice on your situation. Being single isn’t a bad thing! In reality, Valentine’s Day is just like any other time of the year, so you shouldn’t be feeling down. Instead, channel your energy into giving love and light to the people in your life who you truly care about.  All of your family and friends in your life are your true Valentines!

Relationship Advice: Cupid has the 5 benefits to being single on Valentine’s Day:

1. No pressure: If you don’t have the hassle of making reservations, you can do whatever your heart desires, and you don’t have to buy anyone gifts if you don’t want too. Simply put, you don’t have to stress or deal with anything; it’s all on your own terms.

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2. Time for your loved ones: Why spend Valentine’s Day with some date you don’t want to really be with or mope around at home alone when you can spend the holiday with your loved ones! This is the perfect day to remind your family and friends how much you love them and enjoy their company. Just because you’re not in a romantic relationship on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you’re alone! Always remember that.

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3. Personal reflection: While there is no pressure or stress when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you also have the added bonus of being able to reflect and evaluate your life. Figure out what your goals and passions are and come up with a map on how to achieve them. Determine what type of relationship you would like in the future and what qualities and traits you are seeking. Most of all, just focus on your own personal reflection in terms of love, career and life.

4. More chances to find your true soul mate: Anything can happen anywhere at any time. Valentine’s Day and the future is just another chance for you to find your real soul mate. Don’t feel pessimistic on Valentine’s Day, feel optimistic that you have something to look forward too!

5. It’s all about YOU: Being single on Valentine’s Day comes with the perk of making it all about you! Buy yourself something nice, and eat whatever you want. Do whatever activity makes you happy and surround yourself with all of the things and people you love. This could be taking a bubble bath, eating chocolate, reading a book or enjoying your favorite meal.

What are the benefits you have had being single on Valentine’s Day? Share your stories with us below.